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How to Kick a Sinus Infection

sinus infection

Nobody likes it. Most people get it at some point in their life. So what  is it?

“Sinusitis is a condition consisting of infection or inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, which may or may not be as a result of infection, from bacterial, fungal, viral, allergic or autoimmune issues. Newer classifications of sinusitis refer to it as rhinosinusitis, taking into account the thought that inflammation of the sinuses cannot occur without some inflammation of the nose as well (rhinitis). It is highly contagious. Sinusitis may be passed from person to person by direct contact with an infected surface. Or it may be transmitted through the air. There is no cure.”

So there are many causes and the one most people are familiar with is the viral, bacterial or fungal infection we get in the winter time usually following a bout with the common cold or the flu. Just when you think you’re done with all that nose blowing and aches and pains, along comes a sinus infection to gross you out with its thick multicolored discharge and accompanying pounding headache. So what’s the cure? Is there a cure? Wikipedia doesn’t think so. :)

Here are the ways I have successfully beat sinus infections:

  • Visit the doctor and get a seven day dose of Amoxicillin.  3 days to wellness and4 day for good measure and to avoid antibiotic resistance issues in the future. Then deal with the side-effects of antibiotics.
  • Visit the doctor and get a three day dose of Azithromycin a cocktail of antibiotics that’ll really kick down that bacterial infection.  Then deal with the side-effects of antibiotics.

So what about if you want to go the natural route and avoid those nasty side effects of antibiotic drugs (not to mention the doctor’s bill)? Here are a few things that have worked for me usually in combination with each other:

  • Garlic: Chew raw garlic three times a day (garlic is a natural antibiotic of sorts). Just don’t go to any social events or try to kiss anyone :)
  • Neti Pot: Irrigate your nasal passages with a lukewarm saline solution using a Neti Pot. I bought one for $8 on netipotAmazon HERE and by the purified refined salt HERE.  I use Amazon Prime, so I get free shipping, also.  At first this method seems a little disgusting pouring water in one nostril and letting it run through and out the other, but the almost immediate relief you get from this method is well worth the slight discomfort.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: Put 2 Tablespoons full of organic raw apple cider vinegar in 8 ounces of water and drink it at the first sign of a cold or flu. You can find it online HERE. What it does is simply thin the mucous in your nasal passageways which helps to keep the flow going as your body’s natural defense system eliminates the germs. This goes almost without saying, “drink LOTS of water” when you have a cold or flu. Your body needs that extra H2O to cleanse your system.
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract: Who knew? The fluid from crushed grapefruit seeds is also a natural antibiotic (without all those side effects of course). You can find it online HERE. When I feel a cold coming on, I mix 20 drops in about 6 ounces of orange juice and gulp it down three times a day. The flavor is pungently… well, unfavorable.  But, I’ve found orange juice to provide the most flavor ‘cover-up’, reducing the shock to your palate. :)

There are a handful of other ‘fixes’ for sinusitis such as cayenne snorting, oregano oil, steam inhalation etc., but I find the foursome listed above to have the best results in my experience.  What have you found helpful?  Feel free to add your comments below.




25 Responses to “How to Kick a Sinus Infection”

  1. I’ve never gone to the doctor for a sinus infection. NEVER. I make a remedy here at home, some of the ingredients you have already mentioned above. Here’s what I do, it’s called Master Tonic:

    1 part of each of these ingredients –
    Garlic, chopped
    Onions, chopped
    Horseraddish root, chopped (use gloves for chopping these, it’s strong!)
    Hottest Peppers you could handle, I use Jalapeños, chopped
    Ginger, grated

    Put it all in a jar with a tight-fitting lid and fill it in with Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. I used one I bought from the Amish, but you could buy Bragg’s brand at any supermarket. It’s raw too.

    Give it a good shake.

    You could drink 2 ounces of it 3/day right away, but it’s much better once it’s been sitting on your shelf for 2 weeks. Shake it once a day. After two weeks you strain all the pulp. Drink the liquid as mentioned above. No need to refrigerate. This remedy never fails!

    Nothing goes to waste here though, the pulp is used to season meats and or as a dressing for salads, hotdogs, you name it! Very delicious!

    You could add herbs into it as well…

  2. Yes, grapefruit seed extract, definitely! I also took calcium and magnesium (works wonders for headaches) plus some vitamin D3, which if you take regulary enough, you could avoid a cold altogether! I did splurge, though, with some amenocetophen. Lots of fluids, plus lots of lemon. 8 hrs later, my sinusitus was almost gone….

    One thing I haven’t figured out how to heal naturally, is a chronic earache….make a post on that next! :D

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  11. Sinus infections are infections that cause inflammation to the sinuses. Sinus attacks are caused by an infection in the sinuses or cavities that are present in the bones near the nose. When there is any swelling in these sinuses because of some infection, breathing becomes difficult, resulting in fever, headaches, and other discomforts. It is very important to recognize the exact symptoms and cause of the infection. Sinus infection treatments can vary vastly depending on the type of infection: acute (up to three weeks), chronic (three to eight weeks or more), and recurring (frequent attacks within a year).,

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  12. A lot of people know sinuses as those just affecting the nasal cavity. However, further reading will tell us that a sinus actually refer to a host of bones in the body. It’s just that paranasal sinuses are the most common that’s why we identified sinus and sinusitis with nasal discomforts. But now that that’s out of the way, let’s open the door to the discussion on the discomforts brought about by sinus infections and the ways these problems may encounter relief.”

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