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The Bridge

I discovered this piece today:

sometimes life doesn’t make sense
the road ends on a pier
with nowhere to go
you don’t know who to ask for directions
because nobody totally understands
nobody’s been through what you have
nobody’s experienced your pain and rejection
nobody’s seen the mockery and scorn
the abandonment, the indifference
you’ve prayed, and even God isn’t responding
nobody cares about the tears you can’t cry…

except the One who left it all
to become one of the created
to be mocked and abandoned
to be rejected and killed by His own creation
the ones He had carefully designed
to take the worst cruelty they could inflict
thought up by the minds He had made

you didn’t care
you let Him die for your guilt
to pay the price for the sins you committed

He went through with it
experienced pain beyond your imagination
became the ultimate sacrifice
just because He loves you
just so He could pay the price
and make a way back to the Father

He understands your pain
most of the world rejects Him

He is the bridge
if you accept Him

give your pain to Him
let Him heal your heart

then you can give His love to others
even those who hurt you…
like Jesus

– Jesse Kropf

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  1. Thanks for writing, mate! I truly loved this article. Are you experiencing any strategies for further reading? Thanks!

  2. Definitely a great post. Can not say I agree with all of it ( especially if you’ve read about it before), but overall not bad at all.

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